Texas vs. OU This Weekend at Lambeau's

It’s a great time of year for college football because one of its best rivalries is about to go down: Texas vs. Oklahoma! At Lambeau’s America Kitchen and Taps love cheering on our NFL teams on Sundays, but Saturdays are for college football! What better way to cheer on the big rivalry than with great food and drinks? Stop in on Saturday to watch the big game and don’t forget to wear your team colors!!!



At Lambeau’s, we’ve got you covered for the whole length of the pregame right through to the postgame celebrations. With a great selection of Appetizers to get you started off right, you can begin your viewing the right way. Try our delicious Buffalo Wings (1/2 pound for $6.99 or 1 pound for $11.99), our Cleveland Beef and Potato Perogies (beef, cheddar and potato perogies, finished with butter and grilled onions) or our Chips and Salsa (you can also add queso for $1.99 or guacamole at market price)!

Next you’ll want to enter the second quarter of the game with a delicious entrée! We’ve got great selections from Burgers and Sandwiches like our Raider Black & Blue Burger (8oz topped with grilled baby portobello mushrooms and melted bleu cheese), our Miami Cubano Sandwich  (pulled pork, ham and melted Swiss, served with spicy brown mustard), our New England Lobster Roll; Hot or Cold (two rolls fill with either hot buttered lobster or cold lobster salad), or our Detroit Chili Cheese Coney Dog (footlong hotdog with chili and sharp cheddar).

After Halftime, why not enjoy some of our pizza? We have both Chicago style (Deep Dish) or New York style. We offer an array of toppings like Bacon, Black Olives, Canadian Bacon, Green Olives, Green Peppers, Italian Sausage, Bratwurst, Hamburger, Jalapeños, Mushrooms, Onions, Pepperoni, Pineapple, Sliced Meatballs, Spinach, and Extra Cheese. 

As the game comes to an end, you’re either going to be celebrating or commiserating. No matter which one, the best way to end the game is with dessert! Try one of our great options like our Denver Rocky Mountain Brownie, our Texas Pecan Cobbler, or our Georgia Peach Melba!

With a full bar and great selection of beers and cocktails, you will have all the necessary essentials one needs to watch the best sport there is. Stop in to Lambeau’s this weekend and cheer on your team with us!

We’ve got you covered, you just show up in your team colors and enjoy the game!!!