We have spent months perfecting the perfect menu for your Lambeau’s experience. At Lambeau’s America Kitchen and Taps, our menu is a celebration of America and all those who worked hard to make this the greatest nation on earth. We do this by providing food that has been influenced by so many cultures that now are living the American dream. And of course, those with pro football teams to root for!


Football games are at minimum 3-3.5 hours, so you need enough food to last you the whole game. We have a great selection of Appetizers to get you started off right. Try our LA Veggie Nachos with queso, black beans, roasted corn, avocado, fresh pico, and add grilled chicken or fajita steak, our Buffalo Wings (1/2 pound or 1 pound), our Cleveland Beef and Potato Perogies served with cheese and green onions, our Chips & Salsa (add queso and/or guacamole), or have a Combo with cheese curds, steak fingers, wings, chips and salsa!


If you’re dining with us for the whole game, you may want a little more for your meal. We are happy to share some of our tasty Entrée options. We have our delicious Orleans Redfish with Shrimp and Crawfish Etoufee served over rice with fried okra. Try our finger-licking good Kansas City Pork Ribs served with curly fries and fresh corn (available in both half rack and full rack). We also have great dishes like our Cincinnati Chili served over spaghetti pasta (toppings choices are cheese, onions, and beans), our Tennessee Hot Fried Chicken which includes a half chicken served with fresh corn and smash the redskin potatoes, our Charger Carne Asada served with fresh avocado, pico, lime, tortillas, rice and charro beans, our Seattle Cedar Plank Salmon with Asian ginger sauce, green beans, and smash the redskin potatoes, and our Dirty Bird Smoked Chicken with peach BBQ sauce, fresh corn, and smash the redskin potatoes.

For the locals we also have our Dallas Chicken Fried Steak served with black pepper gravy, fresh corn, smash the Redskin potatoes and our Texan Brisket Enchiladas with Gulf Shrimp served with rice and charro bean!


Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! No meal is complete without a sweet treat at the end. We have scrumptious options like our Denver Rocky Mountain Brownie, Texas Pecan Cobbler, Georgia Peach Melba, Florida Key Lime Pie, New York Cheesecake, and our Favrealishious Pie (which is a butter pecan ice cream pie in a rice cereal butterscotch crust, topped with fudge and peanut butter cookies).

Be sure to visit our website (or stop on by) to see the many other great menu items, kid’s menu, and more!

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