A celebration of America and all those who worked hard to make this the greatest nation on earth, with food that has been influenced by so many cultures that now are living the American dream.



Curley Chili Cheese Fries — 7.99 

melted cheddar, house chili and green onions. 

Pulled Pork Nachos — 8.99 

topped with queso and fresh pico de gallo. 

Baltimore Maryland Style Crab Cakes — 15.99 

finished with lemon butter sauce. 

Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds — 7.99

served with marinara. 

Cowboy Steak Fingers — 10.99 

Wagyu beef fingers with black pepper gravy.

LA Veggie Nachos — 8.99 

topped with queso, black beans, roasted corn, avocado and fresh pico de gallo. 

add grilled chicken 10.99 | add fajita steak 12.99 

Buffalo Wings

1/2 pound 6.99 | 1 pound 11.99

Cleveland Beef and Potato Perogies — 7.99 

beef, cheddar and potato perogies, finished with butter and grilled onions. 

Chips and Salsa — 3.99

add queso 1.99 | add guacamole (market price) 

Appetizer Combo — 12.99 

cheese curds, steak fingers, wings, chips and salsa. 

Pizza Bread — 8.99 

round scored sourdough bread, filled with marinara, pepperoni,
Italian sausage and melted mozzarella. 


Chicago Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza

filled with sausage, pepperoni, garlic spinach and mozzarella, topped with tomato sauce and parmesan 24.99 

New York Pizza Pie 

12in 9.99 | 16in 12.99 add 1.25 per topping 


Bacon • Black Olives • Canadian Bacon • Green Olives • Green Peppers • Italian Sausage • Bratwurst • Hamburger • Jalapeños • Mushrooms • Onions • Pepperoni • Pineapple • Sliced Meatballs • Spinach • Extra Cheese 


Chicken and Sausage Gumbo — 4.25 

Booyah Stew — 4.25 

pulled chicken and vegetable soup



Buffalo Shrimp Cobb Salad  — 12.99

crisp greens, topped with fried shrimp, tossed in a spicy wing sauce, crumbled bleu cheese, chopped bacon , chopped egg, corn and kidney beans

Cajun Chicken & Fried Crawfish Salad —  11.99

crisp greens, topped with spicy grilled chicken, fried crawfish tails, fried okra, tomatoes and roasted corn  

SoCal Chicken & Guacamole Lettuce Wraps  — 10.99

crisp lettuce filled with grilled chicken, fresh guacamole, pico de gallo and queso fresco  

Texas Fajita Steak Salad  — 12.99

crisp greens, topped with grilled fajita steak, pico, crisp corn tortilla strips, guacamole, sour cream, sharp cheddar and queso fresco with jalapeño ranch  

LA Ramen Chicken Salad — 10.99

fresh ramen noodles, tossed with a spicy Asian style peanut and ginger dressing, topped with diced chicken tenderloin  

Mexico City Caesar Salad  — 12.99

crisp romaine, grilled chicken, avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, crisp tortilla strips, Tuscan Caesar dressing, parmesan and queso fresco



Arizona Beef Chimichanga — 12.99

fried flour tortilla, stuffed with spicy beef, topped with queso and pico de gallo, served with rice and charro beans. 

Tennessee Fried Chicken — 12.99

half spicy fried chicken, drizzled with a sweet and spicy glaze, served with fresh corn and Smash the Redskins potatoes. 

Texan Brisket Enchilada — 12.99 

topped with fried shrimp, guajillo enchilada sauce, queso fresco, served with rice and charro beans. 

Kansas City Pork Ribs 

slow smoked baby back ribs, served with curly fries and fresh corn. 

half rack 9.99 | full rack 17.99 

Jacksonville Shrimp and Grits — 16.99 

stone ground spicy grits, topped with jumbo fried shrimp, finished with Étouffée sauce, served with green beans. 

Orleans Redfish with Shrimp and Crawfish Étouffée — 25.99

blackened fresh Gulf coast redfish, topped with shrimp and crawfish Étouffée, served over seasoned rice with fried okra. 

Cincinnati Chili — 12.99 

unique chili over spaghetti pasta, with cheese, onions and beans, served with oyster crackers. 

Dallas Chicken Fried Steak — 12.99 

Texas Wagyu steak with black pepper gravy, fresh corn and Smash the Redskins potatoes. 

Dirty Bird Smoked Chicken — 12.99 

half smoked chicken, topped with peach BBQ sauce, served with fresh corn and Smash the Redskins potatoes. 

Charger Carne Asada — 14.99 

grilled fajita steak, topped with fresh avocado, pico and queso fresco, served with flour tortillas, rice and charro beans. 

Seattle Cedar Plank Salmon — 17.99 

10oz salmon steak, marinated in an Asian ginger sauce, served with green beans and Smash the Redskins potatoes. 

Tampa Bay Fried Grouper — 24.99 

8oz cornmeal-battered grouper filet, served with curly fries, fresh corn and tartar sauce. 

San Francisco Seafood Boil — 29.99 

crab legs, shrimp, smoked sausage, fresh corn and potatoes, boiled in a spicy broth. 


Burgers & Sandwiches 

All Served with Curly Fries and Kosher Dill Pickle 

Foot Long Green Bay Brat — 9.99 

topped with buttered grilled onion and cheddar. 

Philly Cheesesteak — 12.99 

thin sliced steak, topped with grilled peppers, onions, and melted cheeses. 

Pittsburgh Meatball and Sausage Sub — 8.99 

tender meatballs and Italian sausage, topped with marinara and melted mozzarella. 

Raider Black & Blue Burger — 9.99 

8oz topped with grilled baby portobello mushrooms and melted bleu cheese. 

Miami Cubano Sandwich — 9.99 

pulled pork, ham and melted Swiss, served with spicy brown mustard. 

Viking Juicy Lucy — 9.99

8oz patty stuffed with cheddar and American cheese. 

New England Lobster Roll; Hot or Cold — 21.99 

two rolls fill with either hot buttered lobster or cold lobster salad. 

Detroit Chili Cheese Coney Dog — 9.99 

footlong hotdog with chili and sharp cheddar. 

Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich — 8.99 

house smoked pulled pork, tossed in southern style vinegar BBQ sauce.

Giant Pastrami on Rye — 11.99

 house-made smoked pastrami brisket on seeded rye.

Indianapolis Fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwhich — 10.99 

with lettuce, tomato and onion. 

Bronco Bison Burger — 14.99 

8oz with bacon and melted Swiss.




All served with Curly Fries — 4.99

Chicken Tenders • Hamburger • Chicken Quesadilla • Chicken Caesar 

Steak Fingers • Popcorn Shrimp


Fresh corn on the cob — 3.99

Fried Okra — 3.99

Green Beans — 3.99

Cheese Grits — 3.99 

Spanish Rice — 2.99 

Charro Beans — 2.99 

Curly Fries — 3.99 

Smash the Redskins Potatoes — 4.99

topped with butter, bacon, green onions and sour cream

Desserts Desserts 

Denver Rocky Mountain Brownie — 6.99

(safe for all ages)

Texas Pecan Cobbler — 7.99

Georgia Peach Melba — 6.99

Florida Key Lime Pie — 6.99

New York Cheesecake — 6.99


Rice Krispies butterscotch crust, filled with salted caramel coffee ice cream, topped with fudge and peanut butter cookies.